02-0002 - 350 2x2 Claw

Description of products

The 350 2X2 Claw is aimed at improved cost-benefit and recommended for cows of average milk production. Its circular shape facilitates the opening for cleaning, its small size facilitates the handling.

Capacity: 350cc
Weight: 300gr.
Liner conection: Ø13mm
 Output conection: Ø19mm
Air divider conection: Ø10mm
Dimensions: 113 x 125 x 135 mm

02-0016 Shut of valve gasket
02-0017 Shut of valve
02-0015 Absorber
02-0019 350 Claw bowl
02-0461 Gasket for 350 Claw
02-0020 350 Claw Upper Body
02-0007 Air divider – 2x2


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