02-0103 - Bucket Cluster Washing Unit

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The GMZ Bucket Cluster Washing Unit has an exclusive cleaning system that permits to perform the initial rinse draining the rinse’s water. The cleaning solution is sucked by one inlet and released through another, allowing its circulation or drainage.
Includes Vacuum Tap Angle/Clamp (02-0004).

Weight: 1,520Kg

Water Inlet: 5/8"

Water Outlet: 5/8"

Vacuum connection: 5/8"

Dimensions: 160 x200 x 260 mm

02-0069 Nut with ¼” Screw”
02-0132 Bucket Cluster Washing Unit Gasket
02-0107 Floater
02-0004 Vacuum Tap Angle/Clamp
02-0732 End Cap Ø38mm with nipple


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