02-0073 - Pneumatic Pulsator Repair Kit - 60/40

Description of products

Repair kit for the replacement of the most commonly worn out parts in the Pneumatic Pulsators.


By placing, valve plates, diaphragms and Large Slide Locating Block of other manufacturers the pulsator might not work correctly

Pulsator O-ring 6mm 4 PÇS
Main Spindle bush 2 PÇS
Large slide ratio- 60/40 1 PÇS
Large slide locating block 1 PÇS
Small Slide 1 PÇS
Small slide locating block 1 PÇS
Plastic washer 2 PÇS
Small diaphragm 2 PÇS
Main diaphragm 2 PÇS
Valve plate gasket 1 PÇS


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