02-0370 - Premium 450 2X2 Claw

Description of products

The Stainless Premium 450 2X2 Claw is more resistant to chemical products and high temperatures. It is recommended for cows of high milk production. Its circular shape facilitates cleaning; optimum visualization of the flow of milk.

Capacity: 450cc
Weight: 450gr.
Liner conection: Ø13mm
Output conection: Ø20mm
Air divider conection: Ø10mm
Dimensions: 120 x 130 x 140 mm


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02-0015 Absorber
02-0016 Shut of valve gasket
02-0017 Shut of valve
02-0018 Gasket for 450 Claw
02-0363 Premium 450 Claw bowl
02-0007 Air divider – 2x2


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