The milking market in Brazil can be conceptualized as before and after Gimenez.

After having achieved a solid foundation in several areas of the industrial market, the company began its project to produce parts and components for milking, developing a product that would revolutionize the industry in Brazil and, from there, allowing the brand consolidation in this market.

Today, this industry serves the public sector since the bucket system to the production of complex products and equipment like milking carousel - a pioneer in Brazil.

However, this story needs to be told from the beginning, when after a period of intensive research, testing, adjustments, the company developed the pneumatic pulsator.

This product is essential to the milking operation, and before it was manufactured in Brazil by Gimenez, it was obtained only obtained by importation from Europe and Asia. Due to this new reality, the Gimenez has become the market leader with more than 300,000 pulsators provided.

Since then, the progress in the development of other components happened quickly. So, it was initiated the production processes of many different milk claws, vacuum regulators, vacuum pumps and devices in general. Thus, the company became the largest manufacturer of milking component parts in Brazil.

As this level was reached, the entrepreneurial vision went even further. Through studies and its own research, it was noticed that the milk market in Brazil needed to advance further. Given this, surpassing any expectation of its competitors, the Gimenez developed with high technology and high quality standards, the first electronic meter manufactured in Brazil.

Today, it has over 2500 measurement systems installed and in full operation, the reason why the Company is the leader in the Brazilian market and now exports to several countries.

The profile of the Company activity is facing challenges and exceed production expectations. Its team works with high standard targets and focuses excellence in developing any component, whether for simplest parts to the most complex. With this production profile, the Company began to supply complete equipment for other manufacturers and assemblers which buy the technology and put their own brand. Since the lower pin, screw or molded part by the panels and controllers for the final product are produced in the machine park industry.

It means that, no matter where, or the brand of milking equipment, the Gimenez is present, offering products, parts or services for all brands of milking from Brazil and some foreign countries.

From dream to reality, where you are, if you look for quality, you will find a branded product.

Gimenez, 35 years providing technology for everyone.