02-0206 - Class Claw

Description of products

Class Claw for high production cows, more resistant to impacts, perfect adjustment for all kinds of udders, ergonomic, small-sized, smaller air entrance, easy handling and high flow of milk.

Capacity: 300cc
Weight: 490gr.
Liner conection: Ø13mm
Output conection: Ø22mm
Air divider conection: Ø10mm
Dimensions: 175 x175 x 105 mm

02-0016 Shut of valve gasket
02-0210 Class Claw bowl
02-0212 Class shut of valve
02-0213 Class  Claw bowl gasket
02-0200 Class Claw internal gasket
02-0217 Class Claw air divider
02-0197 Shut of valve gasket for Class Claw
02-0724 Repair Kit for Class Claw


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