02-0205 - Plastic Orb Claw

Description of products

The Plastic Orb Claw milks cows of any production. Its orbital shape and inclination facilitate the handling with the visualization of the flow and a fast evacuation of the milk. Due to the distance between the teats, it allows an optimum positioning on them, reducing the possibility of fall of the set.

Capacity: 350cc
Weight: 450gr.
Liner conection: Ø13mm
Output conection: Ø21mm
Air divider conection: Ø10mm
Dimensions: 111x163 x 123 mm

02-0016 Manípulo da Central
02-0017 Válvula Tip-top
02-0196 Orb Claw absorber
02-0197 Squeezer nut
02-0198 Orb Claw bowl
02-0199 Orb Claw bowl gasket
02-0200 Orb Claw internal gasket
02-0202 Orb Claw air divder
02-0201 Weight for Orb Claw Upper body
02-0233 Orb Claw Spare Part


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