02-0466 - Premium Orb Claw - 450g

Description of products

The stainless Premium Orb Claw is more resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. Its orbital shape and inclination facilitate the handling with the visualization of the flow and a fast evacuation of the milk. Due to the distance between the teats, it allows an optimum positioning on them, reducing the possibility of fall of the set.

Capacity: 350cc
Liner conection: Ø13mm
Output conection: Ø21mm
Air divider conection: Ø10mm
Dimensions: 111x163 x 123 mm

02-0016 Shut of valve gasket
02-0017 Shut of valve
02-0196 Orb Claw absorber
02-0197 Orb Claw shut of valve gasket
02-0462 Premium Orb Claw bowl
02-0199 Orb Claw bowl gasket
02-0200 Orb Claw internal gasket
02-0202 Orb Claw air divder


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