02-0716 - Stainless Milk Receiver 50L - Mid line

Description of products

Milk Receiver mounted on a sheet metal to facilitate installation in any milking parlor or stable. Compact and with excellent cost-benefit. Easy cleaning trap jar, stainless steel filter and start/stop system with electromagnetic floater. Stainless milk pump in investment casting, silent, with stainless solderless rotator and high capacity ¾ HP Motor with metal protective cover. Backwash system for trap jar and upper part of the unit.

02-0717 50L Receiver Tank -  Mid line
02-0645 Start/Stop System for Milk Pump
02-0700 Stainless Milk Pump
02-0342 Rubber Elbow 38X38 mm
02-0707 Rubber Elbow 25x25mm
02-0333 Rubber Elbow 30X50 mm
02-0338 Receiver Inlet Ø50mm
02-0603 Trap Jar
02-0743 Stainless Milk Filter
02-0742 Snaplock for Milk Hose
02-0311 Tube Unifier Adapter - Ø1½"


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