02-0801 - Vacuum/Pulsator Analyser

Description of products

The Vacuum/Pulsator Analyzer was developed by Gimenez with the objective of helping the technicians on the field to detect possible problems in the pulsators and in the vacuum at any part of the system. In the vacuum, it measures high, mid and low level in milking real-time, informing the data in kPa. In the pulsation, it indicates possible problems in pulsators, analyzing the channels and comparing one another (Limp).

It analyzes:
Vacuum (Negative Pressure)
Pressure (Atmospherical pressure/ collapse)
Phases A, B, C and D in milliseconds or %
Pulsation ratio, A+B, C+D, in milliseconds and %
PPM – Pulsations Per Minute

- Portable
- Real-time diagnostic
- Easy operation
- Touch keyboard
- Supply: 2 AA batteries

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